Learning to choose my dream

The change

Still to be written, now  I am trying to allow myself to feel what I feel. before putting it into words.

Even Though I decide

I Decided
You and I, are no longer we
No Choice
It just was

You Said
“you’re already decided”
What I didn’t ask
“What would you do if I wasn’t?”

I am learning to choose
To choose my dreams’
To be honest and say
‘our dream’, is not mine.

I was afraid
Afraid to lose you
To lose the comfort
of your hugs and kisses

But still
I decided
That what started over 2 years ago
was no more

Our dream, the near future together,
Our search for a living space,
Our beautiful moments
Our laughs

From this all
We, you and I
Need to say Goodbye

It hurts
And still
I had to decide
To choose me.